The Chanel Beauty House Review

chanel 8

Obviously I give this beautiful modern day funhouse 5 stars. From the poker room, to the makeover cabanas, to the virtual vanity moments, this place is an Instagram divas dream. It was extremely organized which made this experience even more enjoyable.


You start by entering through a mini lounge that led us into a backyard of makeover heaven, while you wait of course there’s no time for boredom, just work your best pose in front of Chanel’s very own ice cream stand. Make sure you are dealt your best hand in the poker room, snap your best flat lay or selfie upstairs and try not to get too excited while the suspense builds prior to the swing room.


The ending was the cherry on top of this glamorous Sunday of mine, we toured through a dreamy powder room that had a vintage tub and towel set, snapped a pic on an authentic leather pink Chanel swing, and took one last selfie on a bed with a mirror ceiling. This was truly a fashionista’s fairytale.



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