Hey my Galentines!!!

So my Galentine’s totally know who they are. Thank God for them! Should out to them! Am I right? There’s nothing that makes me feels better on Valentine’s *when i’m single* than having amazing women in my life who I know I can celebrate love/self love with. It’s such a fun day to not just celebrate dating but all relationships and I feel like i’ve totally embraced it this year.

If you’re here btw I LOVE YOU! I know i’m not great at this but honestly I love it and I hope I get better for everyone who reads!

Anyways, so you know my sister and I are obsessed with music, literally that’s one of our labels in our group, it’s literally one of the things we both strongly bring to the squad table. Hands down we have the best playlists and we don’t even have to try, when you grew up in Houston and are fire at finding new releases everyone wants to give you the aux chord because it’s just a statistic, if you’re bringing that fire new music you totally win. SOOO we want to challenge ourselves with a specific playlist… Here’s what you need on VDAY if you’re a single baddie who don’t need a man. CRANK DISSS YOU BOSS BETCH!


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