Princess Palettes

She gon’ FIU, FIU, FIU-She don’t need make-up, make-up 

So i’m going to spill the tea on my fav gorg palette that makes me feel effortlessly flawless and i’m going to tell you about how I can turn it up a notch with an eyeshadow palette where the pigment is magical. First of all, you can get both of these for under $60-so this is your summer look for less.

The first palette is a contour kit from Smashbox and I use the left circle to define my cheek bone, the middle for a cheat bronzer/blush, and the right as a highlighter. I also use it to contour my nose which I never did prior to finding this hidden gem. I use the middle circle to shadow the ridges of the top of my nose to the bottom then use the right circle to highlight down the center. So this is a light powder palette with a strong pigment and I feel like i’m wearing almost no make-up with it on. You can use it for a light eyeshadow too and I suggest bordering the top half of your face with the middle circle focusing on your temples so you draw the attention to the center of your face.

Hope you’re loving all these tips…on to the next money palette. So honestly if I just throw on some Fenty Foundation and use my Smashbox palette I can call it a day, but if I want a quick transition form work to play I can use the Tart eyeshadow palette. I’m currently obsessed with the Amazonian Clay palette. I usually use my Smashbox bronzer and highlighter to prime my eyelids and then start to use the color “crisp” to define the creese of my eyelid and then color in the bottom of my eyelid with  “hype”. I also underline underneath my eye and close to my tear drops with “hype”. I use “boss” to add some drama to the outsides of my eyes and if i’m feeling super sassy i’ll substitute “boss” for “dominate”. Overall I use those 4 colors the most and i’ll highlight underneath my eyebrow with the highlighter in the Smashbox palette. 

Here’s your links! SMASH ME & CLAY BAE


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