about us

About Us♡

So who we are is 2 sisters that moved to Los Angeles together to experience an adventure, and that is exactly what it has been so far. There is nothing like going home, especially when your hometown is Houston, Texas, but we have to admit there is nowhere like LA. From the nightlife to the unique brunch and lunch spots to the beaches and we cannot forget about the view points or hiking spots but most importantly the people. We wanted to create a blog because LA has done so much for us and we want to document our inspirations that we continue to gain from this amazing city to hopefully inspire others and if not well one day we have something to remember some once-in-a-lifetime experiences by. We picked a couple categories specifically to touch on, but who knows if we will be changing these up. We want to blog about things that interest us, but also things that are real and relatable. We honestly have no clue what we are doing or where this Houston to LA journey will take us but right now it is the Dannelly Diaries, come along for the ride betches!


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