Meet my Closet

395AEFB0-7787-498B-990B-71451620FBB6So I wanted to share how I have my closet set up, I know super random but I actually find it kind of interesting. I have a walk in, but it’s not that big and one side has 2 racks and one side just has one. Obviously I hang my dresses on the side just with one. I use to work at Kate Spade so that’s why there’s so much color on that side. I’m totally a hoarder too when it comes to clothes, there’s a ton I should throw away but I just can’t and I really don’t understand it. So on the other side I have tops on top and skirts/pants on the bottom. I color code my tops from white/ivory to black and have mostly black tops. On the bottom I start with ivory too and end at black jeans. I have a ton of color on this rack, I love pops of color in a fun leather skirt and lately this has actually been my weakness. Moving on, on the top shelf I have my shoes color coordinated and within style, I use that stool i’m sitting on to reach them haha. I think I have a great heel selection but i’m horrible at picking out tennis shoes, I never know what colors and how sporty casual to go. I organize my everyday jewelry in my bathroom but have a vintage jewelry box in my closet where all my pieces are that I don’t wear as often. I have my bags on a bag rack right outside my closet and I have a few good ones but i’m still building my collection. I want more medium sized bags! I have a quilted black leather one I love for everyday and can always carry my Louis, but I still feel like i’m missing a go to everyday. I have a couple good black crossbodies that really cover any nighttime outfit but I need good daytime bags for brunch or daytime exploring. I would share what’s behind my closet door on the right wall but i’m not willing to share all my secrets yet! Anyways…this is where i’m at pretty much; It’s no Carrie Bradshaw but she does the trick. Let me know if you have any feedback and most importantly introduce me to your closet!

xoxo the dannelly diaries

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