Self Love: Is Valentines really just a day for couples?


Happy Valentines Beautiful!! So 48.2% of America were single last year on Valentines day, does that mean they didn’t celebrate it though? All I know is we will be celebrating tomorrow just like couples should, we have so many people in our life we love; regardless of our status let’s at least use it as a reason to grab sushi and a glass of wine, am I right? 18.2 billion in 2017 was spent on Valentines day last year-so crazy!
Here’s our 5 recommendations on how to celebrate Valentines single.
1. What a better way to save some money and maybe even get a cute new IG post. WE GOT CHUUU!pizza
2. Nothing says self love better than a good mani/pedi. Go all out girls night with O.P.I, throw on a cheesey chick flick whether it’s the Notebook(Hannah’s Favorite) or Sex in the City(Holly’s recommendation) and enjoy. We are currently drooling over I’ll have a Gin & Tectonic from the Iceland Collection and This is not Whine Country from the California Dreaming Collection.
3. The Vampire Lounge & Tasting room-Go the wine tasting route, I stumbled upon this on Groupon not too long ago and was very impressed! The ambiance is edgy and different. They also have unique flavors like Vampire Pinot Noir & Dracula Merlot. 
4. Treat YOself to a facial!! Face Haus is Hannah’s favorite spot. Here’s the link ♡ 
5. Hang out with your furry friends, they will love you more than anyone else! Here’s our little angel.06FFE7C6-E409-4AA1-A9B3-4514FED46F64

Que Hailee Steinfeld singing “Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else”

XOXO, The Dannelly Diaries

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